Saturday, February 12, 2011

Creating music videos

So a number of years ago (more than 10 i think) my oldest brother and my dad took some old footage of the Blue Angels, and the song "Reise Reise" performed by Rammstein and did some pretty awesome footage editing and sound meshing using nothing but a VCR (no such thing as DVD's yet remember?) and some tape recorders, and made this little masterpiece. why? because they felt like it, and it's a cool thing to do.  they saved it, of course, on a vcr tape. once we got the chance to make it digital however we moved the video to youtube.

jump forward several years and dad was in the mood to do it again, but this time he wanted to choose the music. this time i got to be the one to help him, and instead of using a vcr and tape recorders we simply used windows movie maker, and the footage from the same original tape, and out came this. if you watch the two videos you will see that there is alot of the same clips used in both videos.

The reason for the same footage is that during the process of making these videos we discovered 2 things. the first, is that LIFE, as in real life, that thing that exists outside the door to your house, works in what musicians know as 4 4 time. the second, is that the same images can give totally different feelings, if there are different sounds. While Rammstein's Reise Reise gives the Blue Angels something of a majestic feeling, U2's Vertigo gives the blue angels a feeling of double-dog-dare fun.

While making Vertigo, dad and i got to a point where we were kind of stuck as to how to proceed so we decided to put it to the side for a bit and have a laugh. Que entrance, The Macarena.

Seriously, every time i see this i still laugh, and it's been 3 years at least. we did this because we wanted to take the whole "feeling of the image" thing to the next step. Reise Reise, was majestic and serious. Vertigo was a Dare-Devils Matchmaker. Macarena was fun and silly. it's as simple and straight forward as that.

these were all edited for the simple fun of editing. no commercial gain is expected, or even desired. The only credit i can take for these videos is syncing the audio and video together. the music belongs to their respective artist, and the video belongs to whoever held/holds the contract to the department that video records the blue angels. <-disclaimer

So the reason for this post? I want to make music videos again, and i wanted to explain why i wanted to make them in the first place. I tried to get back into it again about a year ago, using video that i shot of some friends playing paintball but i just didn't like the way it was coming out, and so i never finished it. thus, no link. sorry.

since i'm 100% new at this blogging thing, i really don't know what i'm going to be posting about. so for now it get's to be my "thought dumpster" if you will. not quite a diary, but close. maybe eventually it will turn into a diary maybe not. i'm going to try to avoid that though. so unless something big happens and i need to tell the world, this is kind of what you'll be getting. heck, maybe if i do get back into making vids i'll just turn this into an update feed for that.

For now that's it. leave your comments, thoughts, well wishes, concerns, complaints, trolls, etc below if you wish.


  1. pretty cool shit. when i was young i would take random clips from movies and put them in windows movie maker

  2. That is pretty cool, I've always had the idea of wanting to do things like this, but I think it's pretty cool that this was possible back then.

  3. I like it man. Keep up the good work man.

  4. Music videos rock.

  5. I've got a bit of experience mixing audio and video too. Check out my parodies at rlore18{dot}blip{dot}com