Wednesday, March 16, 2011

haven't updated in a bit

sooo yah, being new to this i'm having trouble finding stuff to talk about. so i guess i'll throw in something big that's about to happen to me. i'm joining the army. tada! i'll be leaving for basic early next month so it's pretty close. i'm a little nervous but more than that i'm excited. Dad's in the SF so i've grown up with the army and have a pretty good notion of what to expect and how to act. family is pretty cool about it and obviously very supportive. i don't really know what else to say about it though. basic questions are answered below and i'll keep a closer eye than usual on the comments and answer the questions you guys have in my next post.

What will i be doing:
My MOS is 12Bravo which is a combat engineer. basically i get to go out with the infantry and keep what vehicles we want running, running. and make things we don't want to work.. well... i make them blow up ^_^

When do i leave:
april 5

why do i want to join the army?
why not stay a civilian?: because there is much more opportunity for me in the army, it's what i've always wanted to do, and having grown up in one, i feel the most comfortable in a military environment.

what about your family: as i said above, my dad is special forces and so i've grown up in the army. the family is pretty used to the idea of loved ones in the army. i'm not married yet and so i have no family to take care of yet so that's not an issue in the slightest.

do i realize i am going to have to fight and very likely kill and/or be killed?
umm.. duh? it's the army. kinda comes in the risks and hazards clause of the contract

where am i going for basic training?
Ft Leonard Wood, Misery. more commonly known as Missouri

Where am i going after basic training?
no idea. since i'm joining the active duty branch and not the reserves or national gaurd i will not be coming back to utah when i'm with basic and w/e extra training i get. instead i will get orders to report to a unit after i am done with everything. if i'm lucky i'll go to Germany which is where i was born, (on a US military base) and have not seen for almost 10 years now.

any questions, support, hate, confusion, needs for therapy you may have, feel free to put them in the comments and i'll do my best to answer them in the next post.


  1. Congrats on your choice to join the Army!

    I hope you continue blogging so we can keep up with your journey.

  2. @android i plan on it. no guarentees though. it's possible i will forget about this whole thing by the time i'm done. dunno though.

    @patti D. oh i am :D

  3. Cool bro got my support. I think it opens up all kinds of opportunities in life - keep bloggin tho!

  4. great stuff, thanks for the post